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We serve school students best, while removing the fear of failure forever.

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Homework Assistance

We help to overcome problems at home and address the deeper problems.

Preparing for Examination

Our Exam Prep experts make you feel assured that the desired results will be achieved.

Researched Technique

Our certified teachers work with you individually to achieve the best research technique.

1-1 Tutoring

The highest quality in the country is our in-house or online tutors, who are just the best tutor for your child.

Primary School Tutoring

In order to ensure that the basic building blocks of their education are cemented, we have specialist tutors that help your child excel to its elementary education. Grades R-7 form the central basis of all future studies and academic achievement, and your child will always be confident in himself and his talents with the right mentor.

Grade R to Grade 2

Grade 3 to Grade 5

Grade 6 & Grade 7

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High School Tutoring

It is important to meet these high expectations in high school, because these critical years will lead to tertiary education and the choice of a school for your children. It is becoming increasingly difficult to consider the university and the course of your choice, but your child is on the way with our support. Our Top Tutor team equips its students with the necessary instruments to manage their time, studies, prepare themselves for tests and exams and take all subjects easily.

Grade 8 to Grade 10

Grade 6 & Grade 7
Tailored Made Lessons

We match you to a individually, skilfully, educatively and experientially focused Tutor because each student is special and needs a instructor that fits his particular way of thinking. Lessons are structured and performed to suit the cognitive style and skills of each student and to deliver only the best in each session.

Flexible Learning

Our tutors are available for your schedule, current study and holidays, both seven days a week and after hours. We provide a customized service to you that will both support and guide you in your studies. We provide you personalized services.

100% Guaranteed satisfaction

Experience your first lesson with joy – or the lesson is free! Your experience is our number one concern because we know the meaning and the difference it can bring in a successful tutoring session. Our Turtlejar experts support you with any questions and are available to direct you.